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You know that female character you hate? There's a 98.4% chance I love her. You can find my writing at The AV Club, Medium, and on napkins in random bars throughout Los Angeles. I self-identify as the Taylor Swift of standup comedy.

So I have come to the realization that I don’t think I could ever be with someone who doesn’t speak Spanish.  I know people say that French is the most romantic language or whatever but I personally disagree.  And English pet names like sweetheart and honey make me want to VOMIT.  But if someone called me mi amor or cariño I would just be like <3_________<3.

  1. pizzatarian said: I SPEAK SPANISH..badly. but i’m learning and i’m def gonna minor in it in college.
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    Sing a song in Spanish to me and be prepared to be jumped on, by me.
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  4. yonggux said: I’m actually gonna learn spanish in the near future, how that will affect my french… who knows.
  5. galentines said: So you… want to date Gomez Addams?
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